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Advent Calendars

LEGO® Advent Calendars

LEGO Advent calendars are seasonal sets released annually before Christmas. Every advent calendar contains 24 buildable presents that you can open from the beginning of December until Christmas Eve. LEGO Advent calendars belong to various themes including City, Belville, Basic, Castle, Friends, Creator, Pirates, Clikits, and Star Wars. This LEGO theme is based on the home-made calendars that were used in the 19th century to countdown the days of advent in anticipation of Christ's birth. After the Second World War, the idea of using Advent calendars to reveal small gifts each day was born. During that period, Advent calendars had 24 sealed compartments and cardboard covers that served as the 'windows' of the paper doors.

The models hidden in LEGO Advent calendars are connected to winter festivities and Christmas celebrations. The holiday icons, which have appeared in many LEGO advent calendars, include a Christmas tree, a snowman, and Santa Claus. You will also find non-seasonal themed items that are included to enrich the collection of any LEGO fan. A good example of this is the Star Wars Advent Calendar 75184 which features Star Wars themed items such as a starship and vehicle, and other surprising elements like a Millennium Falcon, blasters, and holiday-themed minifigures.