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You will find discounted LEGO® sets here that are on special. Some of these sets may be simply discounted from their original recommended retail price.

Other sets may be discounted because they have some imperfections -- these sets will be clearly marked in the title with indications of the type of imperfection they have. For example, some imperfections relate to the outer cardboard carton being designated: 

  • Creased (there are crease lines on the outer box)
  • Dented (the box has been pushed in to a degree)
  • Damaged (the outer box has a fair amount of damage)
  • Punctured (a hole has perforated the outer carton)
  • Worn (the outer box shows wear from either long term storage or shelving)
  • Sticker (has price sticker residue on the box)

We will only sell these imperfect boxes if all parts are 100% perfect inside.