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LEGO® Trains

LEGO Trains is a product range that includes buildable train sets, and cargo and passenger LEGO models. Whether you are a LEGO collector, or in the market for fun toy trains for your children, you will have plenty of LEGO train sets to choose from. Kids of all ages will have their hands full building and playing with locomotives and train tracks that provide great railroad adventures. This LEGO theme was introduced in 2006 as a sub-theme of LEGO City, a product line that includes other building sets that depict the city life. Products in the LEGO Trains range include train stations, locomotives, rolling stock, signal boxes, and train tracks. This theme is popular not just among young LEGO builders, but among adult fans as well.

LEGO has introduced several systems into its LEGO Trains play sets that have different degrees of cross-compatibility. The first LEGO trains that were unveiled in 1966 were simply push-along, had handheld battery boxes, and used blue rails. When LEGO released set number 115, fans were delighted to find that the trains were already battery-operated. From then on, the Danish toy maker company created train sets that contained a railcar that carried the batteries, and introduced new ones that could be updated to an electric train model. The LEGO trains we enjoy building today come with infrared remote control, removable roofs, way station that features warning signs, map of train services, and a full circular track.